M.A.D. stands for "Making A Difference" and Jordin believes that no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you're from, you can make a difference in both small and big ways.

IMAY partners up with relentless organizations working hard to make a difference. Internationally, they have helped organizations drill wells for clean drinking water in 2 countries and sent essential supplies to Haiti. They also partnered with Children’s HopeChest to provide food, medicine and clothing to orphans in Uganda. IMAY has done all kinds of work on the domestic front including advocating on Capitol Hill for Text No More, S.T.A.R., ChildHelp, and Opportunity Nation. And they continue to work with the Starbright Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network and more. In her home community they help distribute food and water to the homeless in Arizona with Project Messiah and the Phoenix Rescue Mission. 

"I’m M.A.D., Are You? (IMAY)" is not about just feeling mad or upset about the issues around us, but to empower people to also take action to change things for the better. With your support, The M.A.D. Girls and Jordin can continue to promote her campaign of making a difference, get our hands dirty, and get in the trenches to do good in the world! There is no limit to what can be done if we all work together, so let’s do this!

Let me know what you are doing to make a difference with hashtag #IMAY on twitter! Share your photo on my Facebook! I’d love to acknowledge you! –Jordin


For more about The M.A.D. Girls Inc. visit here

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